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Learn Arabic Sydney

Do you want to learn Arabic in Sydney? There are many reasons why adults and children would like to learn the language and the basics of Arabian culture. Imam Ali College offers weekly classes in Sydney for those wishing to learn Arabic in a progressive manner that teaches through established foundation techniques.

Learning to read

We said there are many reasons why anyone in Australia should wish to learn Arabic. These reasons are diverse, ranging from simple curiosity to an absolute job requirement. We cater for all these students by being a culturally inclusive college because our primary purpose is the transfer of knowledge for the following reasons:


• Business. Multi-national corporations often require their regional managers and senior staff to be fluent in the dominant language of the control area. A solid understanding of the Arabic language and the often intricate customs will ensure a successful tenure when posted to a Middle-eastern branch office of the company.

• Heritage. Working in Australia requires that your children attend Australian schools. Children are also exposed to Australian culture, which often leads to their own Arabic heritage being side-lined. This is prevented by teaching your kids Arabic from an early age since language is the carrier of culture. They will then be equipped with the necessary skills to be functional adult members of the Arabic community.

• Religion. Arabic is the liturgical language of Islam, the world's second-largest religion. Acquiring the skill set to read to Quran and other religious texts in the original form will create a deeper understanding and appreciation of the faith.

• Interest. Arabic is a fascinating language with a rich heritage of literature spanning nearly two millennia, most of which is often lost during translation. This fact causes many people to learn Arabic for purely personal reasons of enjoyment.

Why Learn the Arabic Language?

All About Arabic Classes At Imam Ali College

Choosing an extra-mural school based on its values and commitment to educational results is always important. Imam Ali College in Sydney fits the bill and has successfully taught students the Arabic language since 2005. Classes are affordably priced, with workbooks and Internet content readily available.


  • We have two weekly classes, following the standard NSW school term roster. The Friday class is held at Thomas Acres PS from 16:30 to 19:30, and the Saturday class is at Beverley Hills IEC from 09:30 to 14:00. Transport is available on Saturdays from Auburn and Glenfield.

  • Classes are open for learners aged five years and up, and we also have adult classes. We cater to all proficiency levels in the curriculum, from novice learners to experienced speakers who need a refresher course.

  • We are also a registered charity, and we are working towards the establishment of an entire curriculum school in the area.


Consider Imam Ali College for Arabic language acquisition and strengthening for children and adults in Sydney. We also provide cultural classes and deeper Arabic studies for advanced students. Call us today!

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