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INFINITY Homeless Care

White Branch
Mission Statement

In alignment with the Islamic values of equality, honesty, kindness, generosity and respect, we aim to provide meals and support for those in our community who are experiencing the effects of unstable housing options. As our school’s charity grows, our mission is to relieve homelessness in the community. We will provide the less fortunate with safe housing and help them to integrate back into society and the workforce

White Branch
Our Vision

We believe that having access to housing and shelter is a human right. People deserve to live with dignity, regardless of their circumstances. Our vision is to become a registered Charity which supports those experiencing homelessness by providing them with access to food, shelter and meaningful employment. Our volunteers are committed to addressing the homelessness crisis in Australia by using donated funds to purchase nutritious meals from local restaurants, and distributing them to those experiencing food poverty

White Branch
Our Values

We know that those experiencing mental health issues, poverty and trauma can end up experiencing homelessness through no fault of their own. Our college and our community respect all human life, and strive to be kind, generous and respectful to those in need. We want to assist the members of our society who most need a helping hand.


Equality: We believe that all people deserve equal access to secure and appropriate housing.

Honesty: We accept that there is a genuine need for homelessness issues to be addressed by society.

Kindness: We value kindness and aim to be caring in all interactions with all members of society.

Generosity: We believe in sharing our resources with those at risk of homelessness.

Respect: We treat all members of society with unconditional positive regard and respect their opinions and backgrounds

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